Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Crib Went Down a Notch!

So, Liam can now pull himself up to a standing position pretty much anywhere where it is stable. This includes his crib. There have been a couple of times where we go in to get him, and he is standing. It scares me! When he stands the top of the crib is at his waist, that scares me even more! I am just so afraid that he is going to fall out! So Deron lowered it today. He can still stand up in it, but now the top of the crib is right under his chin.

This little guy is going to be walking before we know it. He is so independent and just wants to explore and touch everything he can! I am guessing that he will be walking at about 10-11 months, which is right around when I was walking!

Finally, a date night

Deron and I had a little date night on Saturday. This is was MUCH needed date night. I think the last one we had was for our anniversary in June. We went to dinner at the Macaroni Grill, then did a little shopping at Cost Plus World Market and Pier 1. It was nice to spend some time together for a couple of hours, and remember what it was like to be a couple. We bought some new decor at Pier 1 for our dining room table. I have had the same stuff on there for 2 years, and kinda wanted a change.

I am very happy with the new look! Just need a couple more stems of flowers and it will be complete.
We also got some very yummy smelling candles too. They have a fall one called latte something.... it's delish! And a spiced pear candle that smells wonderful too! I can't wait to get more. I love this season because of all the wonderful smells!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tongue, tongue everywhere!

Liam is re-discovering his tongue. Before it was more like he would stick it out and make raspberries, now he just sticks it out of his mouth. Every picture I take of him has a tongue in it.

We were clapping and saying yeah, and Liam decided to be so excited!

This one was just too cute. We were changing Liam for his bath, and he rolled over and the strap from his clothes was in his mouth. He kinda looks like a super hero!

Attempt #2 at going back to the gym...

I'd hate to say it, but I feel that this blog is going to become a weekly occurrance. I had planned, again, to go to the gym lastnight for step aerobics. But,I was unsuccessful again. I had 3 papers, 6 discussion forums, a quiz, and an exam question that all needed to be completed by 9am today. I had been working on all of them since last Tuesday, and had most of them done, but I didn't feel that it would be right to go to the gym, when I had so much homework still left to complete. Needless to say, I stayed home, ate some pumpkin pie, watched dancing with the stars, and got my homework done at 11:05pm. So, I will try yet again to make it to the gym. I am sure another post about not making it will follow next week!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

So I waited and waited, but my sister Lisa has not posted anything yet, so I have to because I am so excited. MATT & LISA ARE PREGNANT! I am SOOOOOOO happy for them. I am going to be an auntie again, and I cannot wait. My sister and I are already good friends, but I think that sharing the experience of carrying a child and bringing them into the world can only bring us that much closer. I didn't think that I could be as excited and emotional about someone having a baby, but I am. I cannot wait to meet their little one. I am sad though because she is on the other side of the country. I can only pray that they will get new orders for somewhere closer to CA. We love you Matt & Lisa, and are so excited for you!

8 months already...

Liam is officially 8 months old (well two days ago). I cannot believe the time has flown by so fast. He is such a big boy, and so much fun to be around. I love him more and more every day. Deron and I both agree that our little genius is one in a million, and he is the best gift that God could have ever given us. Here are a few things that Liam is doing now: was commando style, now he uses his knees and his big toes.
-pulling himself up with the furniture, into the standing position. Yup, we have to lower the crib!
-eating everything!!! he loves pancakes, and cheerios!
-still won't really drink from a sippy cup. he mostly plays with it.
-no teeth yet, but i can feel them coming :(
-yells momma, and whispers papa
-plays the drums
-uses his feet as his second pair of hands
-his security blanket = mommy
-holds his own bottle, finally!
-turns off the lights (he's very good at this)

There is a change in the air.....

I've noticed quite a few people have blogged about the change in the seasons, well I am going to hop on that bandwagon as well. I love fall. It is just such a relaxing season and it is filled with lots of holidays. We are so excited this fall because this will be Liams "firsts" for everything. This morning we were getting ready for church and I put Liam in a little tank suit thingy, and Deron said to me, "Christy, I think it is a little chilly outside." So of course I have to check, cause I cannot just take his word for it, and it was. It was really chilly actually. I think my car temperature read 65 degrees at 9:15am. So I went to change Liams clothes, and much to my dismay, he hardly has any pants. I have been so busy buying tank tops and shorts because it has been so hot, that I didn't even think to buy an pants. I guess a trip to the baby store is coming soon!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Attempt #1 at going back to the gym...

I am determined to start going back to the gym at least once a week. On Monday, I called the gym to see what time they had step aerobic classes. They told me Mon & Wed 6-7 and Tues 630-730. Cool! I have three different days in which I can do step aerobics. So I drive down the gym yesterday and I got there at 625, and the step aerobics class was already going on. Normally I would just have walked in and started stepping, but this was the advanced class.... don't think so! Then, I picked up a schedule of classes. Whoops! There is no class on Wed, and the classes for Mon & Tues are both at 6, and on Tues, it is the advanced class. Now my options are narrowed down to one day. Then, I decided to ask about the day care they have at the gym. I figured that if I could bring Liam with me, I may be able to work out more often.... well apparently, the use of the child care is NOT in my contract! And I cannot, nor do I want to, edit my contract. I only have a year, then I'm outta there! Needless to say, I just turned around and went back home. All I want to do is start feeling better about myself, but everything seems to be getting in the way. Attempt #1 at working out - unsuccessful!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Were You on 9/11/2001?

I remember exactly what I was going on this date. I had fallen asleep the night before with the t.v. on. I woke up because I heard lots of ruckus from the t.v. That's when I saw the first tower on fire, and then the second plane crashed into the second tower. I kind of just sat there for a while watching the t.v. I think I was in disbelief at first. There was so much going on in the city. I sort of looked like a scene out of a movie, not real life.

While the attacks on 9/11/01 didn't directly affect my family, the war that has resulted because of those attacks has. My brother-in-law just left for his 6TH tour of duty to Iraq.

The first time he left, it was really hard on my sister, and I do not think that it has gotten any easier. We appriciate everything that he does to protect our country. Please keep him in your prayers.

This is a link I found that has a lot of pictures from 9/11 that I have never seen before:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Week...

This week flew by, and seemed to be hectic. I stared school again about 2 weeks ago, and the work load wasn't too bad the first week because it was all orientation stuff, like learning how to send files to the teachers and do discussion forums. But, this week, I had to do 2 research papers and a bunch of discussions. Lets just say that I am very happy I get a whole week to do everything and I can do it at home in my p.j.'s. Deron also got a really bad cold this week. Luckily, he is better, and so far no one else has gotten it (knock on wood).

Thursday was Deron's 34th birthday. We didn't do a whole lot. We were all off work together so we spent the day with each other. Deron and Liam took a nap...

...they even sleep alike!

Then we went out to dinner with Deron's family and my family to Mimi's Cafe, Deron's favorite restaurant. It is so fun to watch Liam & Aidan interact. These too will definitely get into some trouble together.

Liam was hugging and kissing on Aidan, and just smiling away at him. He loves kids, and is so happy when he is around them!