Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween, my sister Brittany and I just took the boys to a local neighborhood to do some trick-or-treating. Deron was working until 7pm and wouldn't be home in time to go. Liam, of course, was Spiderman. And Brendan, Superman. Right when I put Brendan in his cost, he turned around and said, "here we go!" It looked like he was really trying to fly with his cape! I took a few pictures before we left, of course Brendan wouldn't sit still for them...

Liam had so much fun going door to door and he earned a lot of candy. He was so great at saying trick-or treat AND thank you! Brendan started saying his version of trick-or-treat by about the 10th house or so. As well as "welcome!" when he received a candy. 

This is the face of a happy trick-or-treater!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

We were waiting and waiting to find out Deron's schedule to see if we'd be able to make it to the pumpkin patch as a family... needless to say, it never happened. So, my sister Brittany and I took the kids this weekend before it was just too late to go. Wow, that place was crowded. I don't remember ever seeing it so crowded. And, they charge admission now, which made me amazed to how many people were still coming even though there were added costs. We had lots of fun. Liam rode a pony and a John Deere tractor. The boys climbed on the hay castle and we took as many pictures as we could before Brendan would no longer cooperate. Also, until he peed on me and pictures were no longer an option since we weren't presentable!

Brendan's First Hair Cut!

Brendan's hair was beginning to get a bit out of control. He had all these crazy baby hair pieces that were just too weird and were requiring the talents of a professional, not mom...
I was really worried that he was going to try to get out of the chair, and that he was going to make it impossible to cut his hair. But, he proved me wrong. He sat in the chair like a big boy the whole time. He laughed while she was cutting his hair because it was tickling him. The only time he cried was when it was over and I was trying to take his picture! I was so proud of my little man. He really looks like such a big boy now!

 And of course, Liam got his hair cut too, and looks so handsome!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our Start to Fall!

Well, fall has come. Although, it really doesn't feel like it since we are having record heat again this weekend. Despite the heat, I was determined to get the kids out of the house this weekend. We are doing so much unpacking, we (I) just need a break sometimes! Deron was working all weekend, so we planned just a couple of close by activities. Saturday morning I took the kids to the park to run around while it was still cool. We live super close to a great park now so it's super quick to get there and loads of fun for the kids!

Today, my sister Brittany and I took the kids to Oak Glen to get some apple donuts, cider and apple butter! The donuts were fantastic! In addition to just enjoying Oak Glen in itself, I got some good pictures of the boys!

 (Brendan loved the donuts, but not the messy hands afterwards)

 (so glad my boys sat still for a few moments!)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


We've had a busy summer this year. Not a whole lot of getting out and doing things, but mostly just life has been busy! Here are a few pictures of the boys enjoying pool time during the summer. 

 Liam got to go to his first year of Vacation Bible School! I don't know who was more excited, me or him?! He loved it. The theme this year was Kingdom Kids. I made a make shift coat of arms out of some felt around the house. He loved that thing! By the end of the week, he had the full armor of God and was a true Kingdom Kid! He still talks about how much he misses Bible School!

(sorry they're sideways. I cannot get them to rotate!)

Liam and I also got a date in during this summer. We went to see Spiderman! He loved it. It was so nice to just spend time with him. 

We had a few days where we were out of hot water at our apartment... so next best thing to a warm bath in the tub, a warm bath in the sink! I boiled some water and washed the boys in the sink for a couple of days. They sure enjoyed it!

Liam is starting a new preschool on Monday and he is very excited! We also have a very busy couple of months coming up as we are getting ready to move to Yucaipa! We cannot wait! We will be some much closer to friends and family and have a bigger place for our boys!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brendan is 18 months!

Where is my baby going? He is growing up way too fast! We had his 18-month on Wednesday and he is growing well. He is 26.2 lbs now and 31.5" long. He is average for everything except for his height. The Dr. said he is slightly below average. He got one shot, and so did Liam. Since Liam was due one, I waited until we were already there for Brendan, then they both went at the same time. They were rewarded though. We went to Dairy Queen afterwards for some ice cream.

I just can't believe how fast Brendan is growing up. I just want him to be a baby for a bit longer. But, considering he is quite the whiny baby, we are ready for some changes and are hopeful that as he starts using more and more words, the whininess will go away and be replaced with words! He is saying about 6-8 words that we can understand, and all the rest is noises what indicate the syllables of the words.

He loves playing with Liam and doing big boy things. He is our risk taker for sure. He will dive head first of beds or the couch, or climb on things that aren't sturdy for him at all. He always has a bruise somewhere on his body. He is so different from Liam, but so unique at the same time!

Our Busy Life!

Wow! It's been way too long since I've blogged! Our busy life has gotten the best of us! Lot's of things have been going on. There are lots of changes around our house and time just slips away.

Deron started a new job last month, and it has been a blessing! For those who didn't already know, Deron lost his job at Lowe's two years ago, and in the mean time, has been staying home, taking care of our boys. While we definitely faced many struggles, God helped us through it all. On the day we received notification that we were no longer receiving unemployment, he got a call from his new employer for a job interview. There was lots of praying that this job would be the one he gets, and God answered our prayers. In fact, here's a little hear warming story... One Sunday before Deron had officially found out that he had gotten this job, Liam and I were in church and during worship he told me that he took communion by himself and that he prayed for Daddy and that he would find a job. The next day, Deron got the call that he had gotten job. God didn't answer our prayers, he answered Liam's prayer! We had the blessing of being able to have Deron home for two years to take care of our kids and develop a relationship with them that many Dad's don't get to experience. But now, it's nice to have him back at work. He is so happy knowing that he can help contribute to our family's well being.

So with Deron back at work, that also means we are all extra busy. While my schedule may be fairly consistent, his is not. The kids are in day care much more, so there is more driving, more prepping, and not much time for cleaning or errands. But, that's life, and we're figuring it out!

This month has been super busy for us too! My little sister graduated from High School at the beginning of the month! We are so proud of her! She received many awards for having good grades and a great GPA.

Also this month, my Grandma and her husband were in a car accident on the 12th. Their injuries were very serious and my Grandma's husband ended up passing away on the 17th from his injuries. My Grandma is still in the hospital and is suffering from a broken sternum and some serious bruising to her abdominal area. She also has a pretty nasty would on her elbow where surgery may be required. She has been struggling with her breathing as well as with moving around. They are looking into sending her to a rehabilitation facility. She turns 90 on July 8th and was in relatively good health. It's just so sad that a person that has lived a long, healthy life could have it almost taken away from her due to a car accident. Please keep her in your prayers.

My parents are also busy in Belgium visiting with my sister and her family. While I am very jealous that they are there and not me... I hope they are enjoying their time and having a blast exploring Europe.

We are trying to do as many fun activities with the boys as possible this summer, but are kind of making plans as we go. We do not know Deron's schedule until the day before his week starts, so we are just waiting to see what we are able to do! I promise to start blogging as often as I can!

Here are some pictures of the boys to enjoy!