Sunday, December 28, 2008

Liam's Dedication

Today Liam was dedicated at church. We seemed to put it off and put it off, and since my sister Lisa was in town for Christmas, we decided that we would like to do it while she was here. Liam did very well. He is not used to sitting in church because he goes in the nursery, but he sat on Deron's lap during the music and clapped and danced. When we went up on the stage, I was worried that he wouldn't let the pastor hold him, but he did. He just sat there and stared at him. Deron's family also came, so it was nice to have everyone together. Afterwards we went out to lunch at The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe. Today we had to also say goodbye to Lisa because she is flying out early tomorrow morning. We were so blessed to have you come out to visit us Lisa. We'll see you again soon!

The pictures from the dedication are a little blurry, but you get the idea... :)

Happy 17th Birthday David

Yup, my little brother just turned 17! WoW! Do I feel old. We celebrated by going out to the Cheesecake Factory on Friday. Yummo! That place is delicious. Then on his actual birthday, Saturday, we had some pizza and cake.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All...

I cannot believe Christmas is over. I wasn't even very ready for it. This special day came and went so fast. Yesterday we got together with my family, had an awesome dinner, went to the Christmas Eve service at church and then came home to open presents. We started a semi-new tradition. We used to read for this nativity book that my parents had about the birth of Jesus. Well, I found a book at Barnes and Noble for Liam that is about the Christmas story. So instead of all of us ready the old book, Grandpa read the book to all of us with Liam on his lap.

My sister Lisa is in town for Christmas. It is so nice to see her again!

This was Liam's first time opening presents, and he did pretty well. He got a lot of great toys. So thank you to everyone!

After our late night, we went home and went to bed around 11pm. Liam woke up at 4:45am, and wanted to play. So we played with his new toys for a little while, then at about 6:30am, we went back to sleep for 3 hours. We woke up at 9:30 and opened more presents.

After we got ready, we went over to Deron's parents for a yummy breakfast and more presents!

We had a great first Christmas with Liam this year. The last two days were both emotionally and physically draining. So, we are off to take naps.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Toofer

We have found another tooth in Liam's mouth. He now has one on the top coming in. We saw it this morning when changing his diaper. He only has one on the bottom right now, and soon one on the top. He will look so silly! I thought that the bottom teeth come in first, then the top teeth... That's Liam for you, he has to be different. This one doesn't seem to be bothering him like the first one did! Yeah!

Friday, December 19, 2008

eleven months

Today Liam is 11 months old. WoW! I can't believe it. In one short month we will be celebrating his 1st birthday. He has grown so much over the past few months. He is more like a toddler to me than a baby. He has such a personality. Here are some of the things he is doing:

*Cruising around the furniture
*Waving and EVERYTHING
*He play patty cake
*He has one tooth, still waiting for more (I did tell him that if he wanted chocolate cake at his birthday he needed at least one tooth...)
*He loves giving kisses
*Gives "5"
*Loves family bear hugs
*Such a talker
*He will pinch you and yell at the same time. He is mimicking what we would do if he pinched us.
*He can say: momma, dada/papa, dog (da), babba, and yeah(while nodding).
*He shakes his head yes or no when you ask him a question
*He puts up his toy phone to his head and starts talking, but won't talk to someone on a real phone.
*He loves to dance to music
*Gets out the bowls and spoons from the kitchen drawers and plays on them like the drums.
*When he wants something that we are eating he smacks his tongue on the roof of his mouth and says "uh huh"
*He loves to see his Dada. They are best buds.
*He is becoming more and more social with people he doesn't know
*He loves the church nursery

I can't wait to celebrate his birthday. It is so fun to interact with him now because he is more and more like a little person everyday. He is so precious to us, and we are so grateful to God for entrusting him to us.

Here's the picture

The picture is a little small, but they wouldn't let me download it. I could only save it. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Met Santa Claus Today!

We took Liam to see Santa today at the Inland Center Mall. We were very pleased to see that he actually looked like the jolly old guy and not an impostor. Liam was in a great mood and was dancing to the music while we waited in line. Once we got up there Liam got a little anxious and cried a little, then quickly stopped. He didn't smile at all, but at least he wasn't crying. He would just look at Santa and then look at us. He likes older people, so maybe that is why he was OK sitting on his lap. We picked out the best picture and are so excited to frame it! When we were leaving, Liam got a little elf toy from Santa and gave him a half wave. It was so neat for us to take him to meet Santa for the first time. Deron and I had a lot of fun. We are supposed to be able to download these from the website, but either our picture hasn't shown up yet, or it's not working properly. As soon as I can get the picture on the computer, I'll put it up.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crazy Weather=Crazy People

As most everyone knows, it rained all day. I actually love the rain, but mostly from inside the house and maybe by a fire drinking hot chocolate. Well, today Liam and I braved the down pour and went to Target to get diapers and formula and we spent 25 minutes just looking for a parking space. When we first got there, I found a spot in the very front parking spot in front of the store. I was just about to pull in when some guy backs up his car and whips in there. I was so mad! I couldn't honk because my horn isn't working and I was not about to get out of the car in the rain. So, I went on. After waiting for cars that looked like they were backing up, but really were just sitting in the car, we ended up parking in the very back and having to walk up. After getting into the store and picking up everything we needed, we waited another 20 minutes just to check out. Why were there so many people at Target??? They were swamped! Why do people come out in the masses when it rains. It was busier today than I have ever seen on any Saturday. And it was only 430 in the afternoon! When we hit Colton on the way home, I could feel the wind moving the car. It wasn't until we actually got out of the car that we realized how horrible the weather was. It was 37 degrees, pouring, and the wind had to have been about 50 mph. It was so out of control. I was trying to carry all our bags into the house while Deron carried Liam in and the wind blew my umbrella and my hood and I could barely walk. I finally made it in and was soaked. This has just been a crazy last few days when it comes to the weather. The change is much welcomed however. And I just found out from my parents that it is snowing at their house! Hopefully it will snow for Christmas! That would be awesome.

Monday, December 15, 2008

It's That Time of The Year Again

Every year I bake cookies for my girls at work. This is my Christmas present to them since it is way too expensive to buy them each a gift. We made 4 different goodies. Chocolate fudge, brownie crackles(yummy), butter mint cookies and lemon snowflakes. All of these were cookies that I have never made before so of course I had to taste test each one. And they were all yummy! Liam was quite a help (ha ha ha!) I put him in his walker, because without it, the entire contents of all our cupboards would be on the floor. He LOVES the kitchen. We are working on getting those child locks up, but just haven't had the time yet. He loves getting into the utensil drawers and pulling everything out. Today he found his new favorite gadget, the whisk. I was able to make 2 of the 4 cookies with Liam in his walker before he got grumpy. Not too bad. I think we started at about 1pm and finished at about 8pm. It was a long process because Liam just wants to be involved in all of it :). He is our little chef in training. Everytime I would take a bite of something, he would say mmmmm and smack his little lips together. That is his way of telling us that he wants to have some.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

sick, sick, sick

Liam is sick! Enough said. We were thinking a couple of days ago that he was getting teeth, and he still may be, but his runny nose and little cough have turned. He now seems to have a faucet on his nose that just keeps running and his cough has gotten much worse. The poor little guy continues to try to be himself though. He has been waking up at weird hours in the night because he just isn't comfortable. That in turns means less and less sleep for me. Good thing he is with us for the next four days. I do not have any pictures to post. They wouldn't be cute anyways because they would be full of snot and drool. And my new accessory??? Snot on my shirts! Gotta love being a mom :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

#1 is quickly approaching!

I cannot believe that in a month and a half, Liam will be a year old. It seems like only a few months ago he was coming into this world. Where has the time gone? We are looking forward to celebrating his birthday. He is growing up so much. He is more like a little man every day. My sister Lisa found this really cute Monkey birthday set at a craft store and sent it to us for Liam's birthday. It is so adorable and fits our little monkey perfectly.

Thank you so much Lisa for getting this great birthday set!

Christmas is coming!

We got our tree today and it is officially up and decorated! I am so excited. This makes Christmas more real. We opted (well, I talked Deron into) for an artificial tree. I figured that Liam would be playing with the water and pulling off the needles, so we got one on sale at Lowe's. Liam was so excited while we were putting it up. He really likes the red and white balls the most. He was trying to help a little but ended up with a brown mouth from sucking on an ornament that I made back in elementary school. We also got Liam a singing Tigger that plays the drums. He loves this thing! Here are some pictures of our tree decorating.

Before Decorations...

What a big helper!

My little Christmas tree elf!

Halfway there...

Liam's first Christmas ornament

The finished product

Of course, we have to put a little Star Wars in our tree for Deron!

This is my new favorite Christmas candle from Pier 1. Peppermint Cream. It smells delicious!