Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Official!

We had our 18 week ultrasound today, and we were able to get confirmation that we are having another boy! We are so excited. Deep down I really wanted a girl, but this is God's plan, and we're already prepared for a boy right? Liam couldn't be more excited that he is going to have a brother. He is already telling us that his brother is going to sit on his lap and he will share his pillow with him. We have also decided on his name:

Brendan Jason Thomas McCandless

My family got in on the name this time. Jason is my brothers name, whom I never had the chance to meet. He passed away when he was just a baby. Thomas is my Dad's middle name, as well as Deron's!

Here are some pictures from our ultrasound today!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

16 weeks

I am currently 16 weeks, and feeling great! My nauseousness has gone away and I have regained most of my energy, except that now the heat has taken it away. I am feeling this little guy move all over the place, especially when I am trying to sleep. It is neat to see Liam's reactions to his brother in my belly. He gives him kisses every day and rubs my belly when we are just sitting down together. The other day I was putting lotion on my belly and he said, "the baby is getting big mommy!" What a cute little kid! We are looking forward to our next appointment at the end of the month where we get the gender ultrasound, just to confirm what we already know!


Today Liam and I went to Target and picked up a kiddie pool to take to my parents. We had a blast! Liam loves his new pool, despite the slide having a hole in it. Hopefully the patch will hold! Liam just loves the water. Now both grandparents have some water fun at their houses! Liam even managed to sneak in some work time with Papa. He loves working out in Papa's dental lab.

Grandma is 88!

My Grandma turned 88 years old on the 8th, and this past weekend we celebrated her birthday! Liam even played a little guitar music for her!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 4th

Sorry this post is late, but we've just been busy, or too tired to really do much! We started the day by heading to our church's 4th of July picnic. Liam played for a little while in the pools they had there, then we headed off to Deron's parents for swimming and fireworks. The fireworks show was good, as usual, again this year, but Liam was not such a fan of them. He quickly got scared, then came and sat with me while he hid his head under his blanket. When they were over, he said, "yeah!" and was clapping under the blanket!