Sunday, May 22, 2011

1st Week of Preschool - Complete!

Liam started preschool this past Thursday, and he is having a blast. I will admit that when I dropped him off on Thursday, I spent the rest of the day worrying and hoping that he was going to have a good day, and wouldn't tell me he never wanted to go back when I picked him up. All my worries were gone when I went to get him and the director told me that he acted as if he's always been going to school there. He ate all his food, took his nap, played well with the kids, listened to the teachers and even helped clean up! The cleaning up part baffled me because we cannot even get him to do that at home! The whole way home all he did was talk about school. He really had the best time. On Friday when I dropped him off, he sorta freaked out and started crying. But he was fine by the time I got to the car and did great once more kids started getting there. He gets reports sent home each day and everything has been positive. He even seems to favor one kid, Wilbur, since that is who his teachers says he's been playing with each day. It makes my heart smile to see my little boy enjoy something so much, and since that something is school, it makes me even happier. Hopefully he will always love school :)

Here is his first project: a caterpillar, from the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar
When I picked Liam up on Friday and we were going to get his stuff, he said to me, "Mom, did you know that caterpillars turn into butterflies? They are hungry, then they turn into butterflies!"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Water Fun

The other day we took a walk with Auntie Leanne and Kara at the University of Redlands. It was so hot and we happened to come upon that great fountain near the quad. Liam had so much fun running around in the water, and hasn't stopped talking about how much he wants to go back to the water!

5 Months

Brendan is 5 months now and it feels like he is growing like a weed. He is loving baby food. Sometimes he just gets so angry when we give him a bottle because he would rather have baby food. He is so interested in what we are eating, and have started letting him gum on some Mum Mum treats. Everything that he touches go into his mouth. This kid is all about having something in his mouth, whether it be edible or not. He just wants to be like his brother. He watches everything Liam does and could laugh at him all day. He cannot even just lay around. He needs to be sitting up or standing in the action. He is rolling over like a champ. One day he rolled over during his nap, and had been doing ever since. Brendan also seems to really like books. One night I was reading him a book and just got so excited and was turning pages and making cooing and laughing noises. His hair is also growing. He never really lost too much in the back since he has been sleeping on his stomach since he was about 5 weeks old, so it is really growing! I think his hair grew over night one night when I was closing. When I woke up with him in the morning, it looked like his hair had grown about a 1/2"! We are so excited to see how his personality it growing and how well these two little boys are interacting. They love each other so much and you can really see that they will have a great friendship!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

life has gotten the best of me!

Wow! Just realized that I haven't blogged in quite some time! We've been super busy around here since I've gone back to work. There literally is no time left in the day anymore! I've been back to work for about 4 weeks now and things are going well for the most part. My schedule has changed significantly compared to before I went out on leave, and I am now closing 8 times a month. This was hard on me the first few nights, but Deron is doing a great job taking care of the boys at night. In addition to the closing shifts, I no longer have the same days off each week. My days rotate every 4 weeks, so my days off are not consistant. We are adjusting to these changes though. It's been a little tough considering I worked the same schedule for 7 years. We have also been trying to find a good preschool for Liam to start going a couple times a week. Our regular babysitter injured herself and hasn't been able to watch the kids since I went back to work and Liam is dying to get out and play with friends. He is so determined to go to school too. That seems to be the only thing he talks about these days. We are going out on Friday to observe in a couple of places, so hopefully we will be able to find something perfect for Liam and us. There aren't any pictures with this post... I haven't had time to take them off the camera. Hopefully I can download them soon and get another post up here for you all.