Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July!

We had lots of fun on the 4th! We went over to my parents house for a bbq and Liam did some swimming in his little pool. We tried to get Brendan in the pool, but I think it was a little too cold for him, and he started freaking out. Afterwards, we headed over to Yucaipa High School to watch the fireworks. We found an empty field behind the high school and sat in the trunk to watch the fireworks. Liam loved them, and each color was a Power Ranger. Brendan just watched for the first half, then fell asleep! It was a great night! Liam has been asking each day since to see more fireworks!

6 months - a few weeks late!

It's a few weeks late, but here is Bredan's 6 month update!

Brendan had his 6 month check-up about 2 weeks ago, and it doing well. He is almost 18 pounds and measured 24.5 inches. The doctor was a bit concerned because at his 4 month checkup, he was the same height. To me that's not correct. We all feel that he has gotten taller, and he no longer fits into his 3 month clothes and barely his 6 month clothes. His feet are hanging out of his car seat and in general, he just feels longer. The doctor said she wants to watch it and we'll make sure to check him at his 9 month check-up. She said that if he had lost weight, she would have been more concerned. I think he was measured wrong at his 4 month check-up, but that's my own opinion :)

Brendan is trying so hard to crawl right now. He really tries to pull himself to things that he wants and he actually gets there. He will be mobile before we know it. He's sitting up pretty good, but still falls over after a while. He eats like a champ! If he hasn't had his meals by a certain time, he gets really cranky! He loves his brother and really enjoys playing with him. Liam is the one person that can make Brendan laugh hysterically. His personality is really growing and he is so much fun. He loves going places and seeing people, and loves to ham it up with the ladies!