Tuesday, July 28, 2009

18 Months!

This post is a little late, but here it is nonetheless. Liam had his 18-month check-up last Friday, and this was one visit I would like to remove from my memory entirely. He was so scared! I think his one year check-up traumatized him for life. The minute I put him on the scale he started screaming and never stopped. He was screaming "I'm done!" the entire time. He would try to take the doctor's stethoscope away from her and wouldn't let him come near him with the ear lookly thing! Eventually we had him pinned down on the table just to measure his head and look in his ears and mouth. Then when it was shot time, he was kicking the nurse with the leg that wasn't held down. I left there sweating! WOW what an experience. The nurse told me that was nothing, just wait till their 4 years old when they get 6 shots! Great! Something to look forward to. During the time when Liam wasn't crying in the doctors office, our doctor was talking to us about how many words Liam should be saying. She said that he should be saying about 6-10 words and should be soon starting to put words together... well, Liam's vocabulary must be very advanced, because we have counted about 30 words that he can say and he can put at least 2 words together, that we can at least understand.

Here is what we can tell Liam says:
Diaper (diapo)
Juice (ju)
poo-poo & pee-pee (but only when talking about going to the bathroom :) )
dog (dogdog)
balloon (boon)
cheese (ches)
no (favorite word)
love you
bye bye
bless you
hot (ha ha)
I'm done
more (mo)
thank you (really good at this)
please (peas)
counts 1-2-3 ( two, two, tee)

we are working on church. He kinda says shursh already. He calls Aunt Brittany "B" and we are working on getting him to say Grandpa, Grandma, Grampie and Grammie. He kinda says it here and there, but he's not consistent. This boy loves to talk, I'm sure we'll be wanting him to stop soon, but for now, it is quite enjoyable.

I can't believe how much Liam has grown and how much he is developing. He just amazes me every day. I feel like my little baby is gone and is being replaced with a grown up kid. The tantrums are often and his independence is strong, but deep down inside, he is still my little baby. Every once in a while he still likes to climb up on me and fall asleep. And that is my favorite thing of all :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

One Down...

...A few more to go. I decided that this summer I wanted to be crafty. I spent some time at Michaels and I'm working on a few things for Liam. I just finished a coat rack for his room.

Next, I'm working on a step stool for Liam.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Is Mom's Food THAT Boring?

Enough said, my food MUST bore people to sleep!

Aquarium Trip

Friday, Deron and I took Liam to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. It took us 1 1/2 hours to ge there, and when we got there.... There were so many people. We had forgotten that there are summer day camps that do these kind of activities. So, there were lots of kids and lots of adults that liked to push their way to the front of the aquariums and stand in front of the kids. There were lots of neat animals there and many sea creatures I have never seen before. Liam really seemed to like the Jelly Fish. It was fun, but I think the next time we go, Liam will be older, and we will try to go when there may not be so many people. We spent about two hours there, got a few gifts at the gift shop and spent two hours driving home. It was nice to get out as a family, and Liam slept both ways, so Deron and I got to talk with each other without many interruptions!

*please excuse some of the pictures, the flash reflected off the glass*

Friday, July 10, 2009

A Whole New David

Today, my brother David is going in for surgery to correct his bite. This is a before picture:

He will probably look a little different when he is all healed up since they are resetting his jaw. For the next six weeks he will have his jaw rubberbanded shut, and he can only eat soft foods. Poor David. It will be a while before he can eat some real good food. We'll have to come up with some recipes for blended foods. When his swelling has gone down a bit, I will post a new picture of him. Keep him in your prayers, he is probably already in surgery, and it is said to be about a 3 hour surgery

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Wednesday was my grandma's 87th birhtday! We celebrated yesterday by going to dinner at the Souplantation. Liam did some art work for his great-grandma and painted her a picture.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I've Been Tagged!

Eight things I look forward to...
1. Going to the aquarium tomorrow and having a family day.
2. M little vacation on September
3. Having the Kaiser bill from Liam's birth paid off (only 2 payments left)
4. Finishing up one of my summer projects, a step-stool for Liam.
5. Getting through at least 3 books this summer
6. Seeing my new niece or nephew in December... or around there :)
7. Football season starting again. Go Packers!
8. Spending quality time with my family

Eight things I did yesterday...
1. Went to work
2. Took Liam to a waterpark day at Loma Linda University
3. Worked on getting my computer working for about 3 hours
4. Ate Chipotle for Lunch
5. Sang some Barney songs in the car with Liam
6. Gave Liam a 45 min bath
7. Watched "I Survived a Japanese Gameshow"
8. Went to bed, while Deron went to work

Eight things I wish I could do...
1. Start my own daycare
2. Go on a great family vacation
3. Buy a house
4. Be a stay at home mom
5. See my sister everyday
6. Loose this baby weight, it's killing me!
7. Get my hair done on time all the time, instead of waiting until we can afford it.
8. Pay off my student loan

8 Shows I Watch (in no particular order):
1. GMA
2. Handy Manny
3. Imagination Movers
4. Lost
5. Army Wives
7. Law & Order (any of them)
8. Dancing with the Stars

I tag:

"Water Park" Fun

My Dad called me yesterday and told me about this water park day that the Loma Linda University holds on Wednesdays during the summer. They have all kinds of water activities for kids. SO, Liam and I took off after work to enjoy some cooling off. There were lots of people there. They had really big water slides for the big kids, some medium sized slides for the younger kids, and a bunch of kiddie pools for the babies and toddlers. Liam has had a fear of water for the past few months, so I was hoping that seeing all the kids running around in the water might make him want to get in the pools too. Well, for the first 30-40 min, all he did was hold onto me, tight! Then after we enjoyed a corn dog (vegetarian of course), he was all about runing over to each pool and putting his hands in. Slowly, but surely, he finally wanted his shoes off, and he got in the pools! He loved to play with those pool noodles. He kept pretending that they were light sabers and was trying to play light sabers with another kid his age! It was lots of fun and I'm glad my dad told us about it. We are thinking about making it a weekly tradition!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My New Favorite Thing

I found these great Popsicles at Vons the other day, and I am in love with them.

These Popsicles hardly melt at all, and they are the perfect size for Liam. After he was done eating it, you couldn't even tell that he had just had one. I love these!


I feel like we have done so much, and I have not blogged in a long time. So, let's back it up and start from the beginning!

Father's Day:
We had a great day, even though Deron had to work. Liam and I went to breakfast with my dad in the morning, then after Deron had gotten off from work, we went over to his parents for some bbq. We had a good day, and we got Deron exactly what he needed, a new coffee thermos. It was funny, because when we actually bought his present, Liam wouldn't let it go. He had to have it next to him in the car the whole way home.

This past Thursday we went to the beach with Robbie, Rosa, Angelica and Sabrina. We had a great time. This is Liam's second time to the beach, and I'm sure he doesn't remember the first time, which is when he was 6 months old. Well, for most of the time, he wanted nothing to do with the sand. He would play in it, but he had to be on a towel and his feet couldn't be in the sand. Towards the end, he was walking around in it. The water... he was completely scared of. So, the only water he played with was a bucket of water that was brought up to where we were. We had lots of fun, then later we enjoyed a Sprinkles cupcake! It was yummy!!!

And of course, 4th of July! Deron and I both had to work, so after we got off, we took some quick naps, then headed over to the McCandless House. They live right behind the UofR so we just sit in the driveway to enjoy the show. The boys had lots of fun running around the back yard. In fact, there are not many pictures because neither one of them would sit still. Liam enjoyed seeing the planes fly right over the house, and he really seemed to enjoy the fireworks. It was well past his bed time, but he just sat back in my lap and took them all in. He would clap at the end too. We had a great day and really enjoyed the fireworks. This was the best finale that I have ever seen from Redlands!