Saturday, December 31, 2011


We had a great Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve, Liam and I made(haha) cookies for Santa before we headed to Deron's parents for dinner and presents. 

Then when we got home, we read the Christmas Story and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.We opened up one family present each (Liam somehow opened two...)

 We set out cookies and milk for Santa...

This is Liam's present that he asked Santa for. In fact, it's the ONLY present he asked for! We hid it behind the furnance door (because that is where Liam thinks Santa comes into our house) and made it look like it fell out of Santa's bag
In the morning, Liam was so surprised that the cookies and milk were all gone, and he found a note from Santa!

We relaxed all day, then headed to my parents for a little dinner and presents with my family. For some reason I do not have any pictures from there... Sorry! We had a great Christmas and it is so neat to see how much Liam enjoys this time of the year and is really learning. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Brendan!

Our little baby turned 1 year old today! We cannot believe how fast this year has gone by and how quickly Brendan has grown! We celebrated his birthday at my parents house with some family and friends. Brendan was a little overwhelmed and was a bit cranky! I don't think he really knew what to think of his cake as he just played with it and wouldn't eat it. He has a small taste, but then tried to dump it off the side of his high chair! He opened a few of his presents, but was quickly taken by other things! He got a lot of great things, so thank you family and friends! 

We have Brendan's 1 year check-up on Tuesday, so we'll get his new stats then. For now, the little guy has 8 teeth, is walking like a pro along the furniture, and will hopefully be walking anytime soon, he is still a great eater, and really enjoys his brother. 

Happy Birthday Brendan! We all love you so much and hope you had a great birthday!