Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving continued...

Here are the pictures we took. Mostly of the kids. And Liam was less than cooperating. SO, there are not many if at all pictures where he is smiling.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I am so thankful every day for everything God has given to me. And what a great day to express it. We are looking forward to all the great food today, and spending time with our families. This is Liam's first Thanksgiving, and we are so greatful for that. We are going to head up to my parents for lunch, then off the Deron's parents for an early dinner. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We will post pictures later, for now, we've got to make the mashed potatoes and the stuffing.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan

Our nephew Aidan turned 3 years old on Friday (11/21). We went to eat at the Big Cheese in Yucaipa. It's kinda like Chuck E. Cheese. The whole family was there. Aidan had lots of fun playing in the arcade and seeing all his family together, and he got lots of cool toys too! Lots of cars, which are his favorite.

Silly boys! I would say "smile" and Aidan would smile, then stop when the camera flashed.

Driving the car with Aunt Sarah

Liam waving at Daddy

Grandpa McCandless

My brother-n-law Erik & his sister Laura

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Family Picture Day

Today we went to Sears Portrait Studio in Redlands to take some family pictures. We haven't gotten any yet, and since it's the holidays, what a better time?! Liam was pretty good until the end. He saw all the props they had and kept trying to crawl over there and play with them. The only downfall... the place was filthy! I think that if you go to a portrait studio that is in the actual Sears store, it probably looks nicer. This one was just dirty. Anyways, we got some good pictures, so enjoy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I had the most wonderful drive to work today. The sunrise was unbelievable. It was rising just to the side of the mountains and there were clouds at the base of the mountain that just had this light coming off them from the sun. It was truly beautiful. While I was watching this great sunrise, the song "There will be a day" by Jeremy Camp was playing. I just thought of how great and mighty our God is. He created such beauty and we take it all for granted. I rarely just take time to see the work God has done. I am too busy trying to get somewhere by a certain time. We all need to just sit back and take in what God has given us. I don't deserve any of what he has given me, but yet he has given it. Each day I see something new that God has done, and it makes me more grateful everyday.

I have added the song to my playlist on the right. It is such a great song to listen to.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally, a tooth!

Liam's first tooth broke through today! We were wondering when he was going to get one. You can just see the top of it. He wouldn't sit still long enough for either myself or Rosa to get a picture, so you'll just have to visualize it on your own. It looks like there might be another one coming in next to it too! Oh the joys that tooth will be. Liam wasn't too bad with the first tooth, just in the evening he was super clingy and was whining a lot. Nothing we would do seemed to work. Hopefully the next tooth won't be as bad.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Liam has been expressing a little more interest in feeding himself, or at least putting his fingers in his food. We have some of those little stick type things that are supposed to help kids learn to feed themselves. Well, Liam looks at it, plays with it for about 10 seconds, then pushes it to the side. Here is dinner tonight... all over. He ate almost the whole thing, then I let him mess around with the little bit that was left.

Seeing things in a new light!

WOW! What a difference a new pair of glasses makes! I have had the same glasses and lenses for the past 5 years and since I was getting new contacts, I figured I might as well finally get new glasses! I love them. I can see so much better now. Even better than with my contacts!

Old Glasses:

New Glasses:

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Apples, Apples & More Apples

Yesterday we all went to Oak Glen. I have really been craving some good apple cider, and wanted to try those apple donuts that I saw on a show about a year ago. We had lunch at Apple Dumplings. It was delicious, but the service was s l o w.... Then we went to see the animals. We went up to Snow-line and got some apple cider, apple donuts and some apple butter. Those donuts were delicious and fresh! Then we went down to the candy store by Apple Annies and picked up some carmel apples. It was a nice relaxing day. I love Oak Glen because it is so rustic and there are a lot of delicious things that come from there :) I didn't take many pictures. Sorry, it just wasn't easy. We were on the move so much. But here are some of Angelica tickling Liam while we were waiting to eat, and some of the animals.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Adventures

On Sunday we (Rosa, Robbie, Grams, Angelica, Liam & I) took the metrolink down to Union Station to go to The Day of the Dead on Olivera st. It was both Liam & I's first time on the metrolink and it was a lot of fun. It's a very easy and inexpensive way to get down to L.A. We spent some time at the festival, but then we were bored, so we went back to Union Station and took the Subway down to Hollywood/Highland. I have never been on a subway before so this was another adventure. Hollywood/Highland was like a different world. There were so many interesting people in that area. We stopped in front of Grahman's Chinese Theatre, and saw all the stars on the walk of fame. It was a fun day and we got to see a bunch of new things. Liam was great. He took two naps and enjoyed seeing all the new things.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Liam's First Halloween!

Liam and I went to Rosa's house for Halloween since it seems to be the happening place. They shut down Cajon st. because of all the houses that attract so many people. I whipped up some slow-cooker chili, that was yummy, and we sat out front with a fire handing out candy. Rosa and I took the kids down the street to do some trick-or-treating. They also had free face painting so Liam and Angelica got their faces done. I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted since my camera was acting funny. But, we had a good time, and Liam enjoyed seeing all the people. He would wave at everyone he saw. Deron had to work until 11pm, so unfortunately his missed out on Liam's first Halloween.