Friday, September 18, 2009

The Adventures of Liam and Dog Dog!

Yesterday, Rosa and I went shopping at the Mills. Rosa was so kind and bought Liam his first build-a-bear. At first, Liam wasn't to excited about building an animal, more about running through the store. After watching Angelica build her own, he was so excited. He picked out a little dog to make, and did all the steps

Picked out a heart & helped stuff the dog...

put the heart inside the dog and made a wish...

and give the dog a bath...

We named our new friend Dog Dog because that is what Liam calls it! And we also dressed him in Star Wars jammies, it's only appropriate! These two have been doing everything together. They went to be last night, and when they woke up this morning, they shared a bowl of cereal!

On the way to day care, Liam and Dog Dog watched Tom and Jerry. Liam was talking in Dog Dog's ear and sharing his sippy cup! (sorry, no pictures, I was driving)

Then, on the way home, Liam gave Dog Dog a big hug because he missed him all day. The two rode all the way home together!

For now, the two are resting up to start a new adventure tomorrow!

Friday, September 11, 2009

San Diego Fun!

Since I was on a mini vacation this week, Rosa and I made plans to take the kids down to the San Diego Zoo. We ended up getting a hotel because it was going to be a lot of driving, and then this way we could enjoy the zoo more. Liam and I (Deron had to work :( ) drove down to meet Rosa, Robbie, Angelica and Sabrina on Thursday. We had a great time at the zoo. There were so many animals and the kids were very excited. The humidity however was horrible. I think us adults sweated the entire time! Here are some pictures from our trip!

Ready For The Zoo!

Baby Gorilla, acts just like a regular toddler!

Liam's Favorite!

Mr. Safari!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where Had the Time Gone?

I have failed you all who read my blog. Sorry I have not updated in quite some time. Life has gotten the best of my time and energy! Let's see, what has happened over the last few weeks...

I turned 29 on August 18th. We didn't do much. I had to work, then we went out for dinner at the Olive Garden. It is just another year closer to 30, so there's really no need for celebration :)

I stated back at school on the 17th and this semester proves to be a tough one in the reading department. I think I have come to the conclusion that I am a lifer when it comes to school. I am really only taking classes right now to defer my student loan, but have found that I enjoy taking these online classes and have decided to get an AA in Sociology and Religion. So far the semester is going well, just lots if work!

Deron celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday. He also had to work, so we just went to dinner at the local steak house, Pinnacle Peaks. I was going to cook him this great dinner, but it was so hot, and we all were so tired, we just wanted someone else to make our dinner. But, Liam and I did make him a cake that we all enjoyed after dinner.

Nothing else is really new around the McCandless house. I have a little vacation coming up this week, so we have plans to go to the San Diego Zoo. Other than that, Liam and I will just be spending some quality time together. We plan on taking lots of pictures at the zoo, so look for that post soon!

Here is a little picture for you. Liam and his guitar. He loves this thing. He especially likes to play it in his diaper!