Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Busy Life!

Wow! It's been way too long since I've blogged! Our busy life has gotten the best of us! Lot's of things have been going on. There are lots of changes around our house and time just slips away.

Deron started a new job last month, and it has been a blessing! For those who didn't already know, Deron lost his job at Lowe's two years ago, and in the mean time, has been staying home, taking care of our boys. While we definitely faced many struggles, God helped us through it all. On the day we received notification that we were no longer receiving unemployment, he got a call from his new employer for a job interview. There was lots of praying that this job would be the one he gets, and God answered our prayers. In fact, here's a little hear warming story... One Sunday before Deron had officially found out that he had gotten this job, Liam and I were in church and during worship he told me that he took communion by himself and that he prayed for Daddy and that he would find a job. The next day, Deron got the call that he had gotten job. God didn't answer our prayers, he answered Liam's prayer! We had the blessing of being able to have Deron home for two years to take care of our kids and develop a relationship with them that many Dad's don't get to experience. But now, it's nice to have him back at work. He is so happy knowing that he can help contribute to our family's well being.

So with Deron back at work, that also means we are all extra busy. While my schedule may be fairly consistent, his is not. The kids are in day care much more, so there is more driving, more prepping, and not much time for cleaning or errands. But, that's life, and we're figuring it out!

This month has been super busy for us too! My little sister graduated from High School at the beginning of the month! We are so proud of her! She received many awards for having good grades and a great GPA.

Also this month, my Grandma and her husband were in a car accident on the 12th. Their injuries were very serious and my Grandma's husband ended up passing away on the 17th from his injuries. My Grandma is still in the hospital and is suffering from a broken sternum and some serious bruising to her abdominal area. She also has a pretty nasty would on her elbow where surgery may be required. She has been struggling with her breathing as well as with moving around. They are looking into sending her to a rehabilitation facility. She turns 90 on July 8th and was in relatively good health. It's just so sad that a person that has lived a long, healthy life could have it almost taken away from her due to a car accident. Please keep her in your prayers.

My parents are also busy in Belgium visiting with my sister and her family. While I am very jealous that they are there and not me... I hope they are enjoying their time and having a blast exploring Europe.

We are trying to do as many fun activities with the boys as possible this summer, but are kind of making plans as we go. We do not know Deron's schedule until the day before his week starts, so we are just waiting to see what we are able to do! I promise to start blogging as often as I can!

Here are some pictures of the boys to enjoy!

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