Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brendan is 18 months!

Where is my baby going? He is growing up way too fast! We had his 18-month on Wednesday and he is growing well. He is 26.2 lbs now and 31.5" long. He is average for everything except for his height. The Dr. said he is slightly below average. He got one shot, and so did Liam. Since Liam was due one, I waited until we were already there for Brendan, then they both went at the same time. They were rewarded though. We went to Dairy Queen afterwards for some ice cream.

I just can't believe how fast Brendan is growing up. I just want him to be a baby for a bit longer. But, considering he is quite the whiny baby, we are ready for some changes and are hopeful that as he starts using more and more words, the whininess will go away and be replaced with words! He is saying about 6-8 words that we can understand, and all the rest is noises what indicate the syllables of the words.

He loves playing with Liam and doing big boy things. He is our risk taker for sure. He will dive head first of beds or the couch, or climb on things that aren't sturdy for him at all. He always has a bruise somewhere on his body. He is so different from Liam, but so unique at the same time!

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